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The book highlights PR Powershot, one of our most powerful tools that aids domain hunting enthusiasts to find high PR domains and buy them.

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Mitchell Steven
Mc Enery

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What this ebook contains?

There are multiple methods of earning significant income with domain names that are not even talked about or discussed. In reality, domain name trading is just one one way to make money from domains.

Find out in this eBook how you can buy the right domains, find the high value 'diamonds' in the wilderness of domain auctions with 10 fully laid out methods and tips for making money from domain names.

Learn how selling and parking domains could efficiently help generate profits. These and 9 more untold techniques for domain hunters like you.

Making money from domains isn't a new thing. But the secret to generate a respectable sum from domains has always been a closely guarded secret. This instant guide is a step by step roadmap for quick domain profits. Find out the best way to make significant returns from domains and get the inside track from someone who has been doing this successfully for more than 4 years.

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About the author

Hi Everyone! My name is Walter (Walt) Bayliss . I am an online entrepreneur and software developer from Australia. Lucky enough to earn a full time income from online marketing, I founded Universal Media Online which provides IM and Social Media products and services as well as advertising solutions. You can always get in touch with me at walterbayliss@gmail.com.

My recent product releases include PR Powershot and Google Hangout Plugin.

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